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Oren Lyons, “England says ‘no’ to Iroquois Nationals on travel waiver,” Indian Country Today, July 19, 2010

We are grateful to the United States and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the cooperative and respectful talks that led to their agreement to let us travel in and out of the United States on our passports for this event. We are disappointed the United Kingdom could not see its way clear to join the United States in this gesture of respect.

We continue to work to upgrade our documentation to a level of security consistent with the requirements of an increasingly security-conscious world. Though we are unable to travel to the United Kingdom to participate in the world lacrosse championships, the team and the Haudenosaunee nations will continue to pursue solutions so that we may continue with our global development in many respects.

The FIL World Indoor Box Lacrosse Championships are scheduled for the Czech Republic in 2011, and we stand second in the world in that competition. The Under-19 Men’s Field Lacrosse Championships are scheduled for Finland in 2012, and we intend to be there as well, as we hold the bronze medal in the 2008 games.

-Joagquisho - Oren R. Lyons
Honorary Chairman
Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse

The American Indian Law Allience has an Indept coverage of the Iroquois Nationals Passport/Visa Dispute --

Iroquois Nationals Passport/Visa Dispute from The American Indian Law Alliance - An NGO in Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (Summer 2010)

Pride Of A Nation - For the Iroquois, the only Native Americans who compete internationally as a sovereign people, lacrosse is more than a sport. It's a centerpiece of their centuries-old culture and a way to honor the Creator by S.L. PRICE ( Sports Illustrated, July 19, 2010)

In support of the United Houma Nation ... Native Hawaiians ... Alaska's Landless Tlingits and Haidas

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Iz Israel Kamakawiwo (Native Hawaiian)

Rise up Tuscarora Nation - Pura Fé ... Tuscaroras For Neoheroka

Shoowee ka' and the Ravens

Bruce&Seeger Tour : When The Saints Go Marching In

2007 Save the Internet : Fighting for Internet Freedom (Video) ... Moyers on America: The Net at Risk ... Online Discussion

NCAI Embassy of Tribal Nations: Join us ... Our hero :-) Former U.S. Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell said NCAI has been a true champion for tribal rights for decades and that now is the time for tribes to give NCAI the home it deserves.

American Indian Community House - Serving over 30,000 American Indian Community members of the NYC area since 1969. AICH deserves a Home instead of Renting Space in NYC, with enough space to fill full thier dream of being self-sustaining, taking care of the Native community with Services, Gallery, Theater, Hotel, Giftshop and all the Arts. AICH has just moved for the 4th or 5th time since 1969.

A Line in the Sand - Covers Native American sovereignty, Native American identity, ethnic stereo types,the commodification of Native American culture,and all related issues can take place

Our most favorite humorists Charlie Hill & the Club Red Players ... Will Rogers ... Dawn Dumont ... Midterm Midtacular Coverage from The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and special guest Steve Colbert of The Colbert Report ... Daily Show correspondents sing Star Spangled Banner ( YouTube Video)

Honor Indian Treaties - Learn More

Native Hawaiians - dedicated to federal recognition for Native Hawaiians. Individuals and Groups Supporting Recognition (pdf)... Native Hawaiians launch canoe in Potomac - On July 18, the Friends of Hokule’a and Hawai’iloa were joined by the National Museum of the American Indian in launching a traditional 18-foot canoe into the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.

Alaska Native Subsistence Rights | Alaska Native Sovereignty | Alaska's Landless Tlingits and Haidas

Shinnecock land claim draws wide press, but most miss point - by: Jim Adams / Indian Country Today

Videos... It aint Over!....Save the Peaks Coalition Blackfire - 15 years of resistance ... Big Mountain Issue

Sovereignty Video by Hulleah J. Tsinhnahjinnie

The International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee - Sign the Online Clemency Petition for Peltier! Current and Past Supports of Justice for Leonard Peltier - Click here - for complete listing in PDF format

Eddie Hatcher - Many people, including senators, congressmen, actors and actresses as well as the National Council of Churches and Amnesty International had demanded Eddie's release prior to May 1995. In 1993, the North Carolina Council of Churches voted to officially recognize Eddie as a political prisoner. This was the first time this had been done by the NCCOC.

"HOW TO KILL A NATION" U.S. Policy in Western Shoshone Country Since 1863. - It is the solemn duty of the Western Shoshone to protect Mother Earth from all forms of environmental destruction exemplified by open pit mining, atomic testing, storage of nuclear waste, all forms of military testing and the pollution of the ground, air and water. The continuing depletion and desecration of natural resources severely threatens the livelihood of generations of all life on Mother Earth."

Apache - Mt Graham | Zapatista | Peace in Northern Ireland | Amanaka's Amazon Network

2006 Benefit Concerts

Updated Reclamation Info

Support Six Nations Land Reclamation! June 16: Concert for Kanenhstaton (The Protected Place). Emcees: Gary Farmer, Cheri Maracle, Brandon Oakes and Adam Beach. Artists include: Keith Secola, Willie Dunn, Diggin Roots, Moiety, David R. Maracle, Raven and Shoshona, Jacques and the Shakey, Tonto's Nephews -"Native Skit Artist", Little Wolf, Joseph Firecrow, Howard Lyons, Shane Anthony Band, Jasmine Netsena. Plus Many More! ... also resource link Six Nations Solidarity news ... What you could do.

Postscript Sacred Run 2006 Benefit Concert Artists, Runners and Supporters...Sacred Run Calendar from San Francisco (February 11), New Orleans, United Houma Nation March 25th Concert Headliners: Don't Lose Hope (MP3) by Cannes Brulees ... Martha Redbone ... Treaters ... C*ReAL Films has filmed the entire Sacred Run event, from the Benefit Concert in San Francisco to the arrival in Washington DC. .. .Sacred Run needs your help with unexpectedly high gas costs ! ... First plans for Sacred Run 2008. Plan now to participate! Sacred Run Concert CD now out !!

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United States Senate Committee on Indian Affairs - Chairman John McCain, Arizona. Vice Chairman - Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota. Members of the Committee on Indian Affairs. Selected hearings will now be broadcast live on the internet.


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